Zylpha | Jordans Solicitors Significant Time Savings with Zylpha Pay-As-You-Go Legal Document Bundle

Gloucestershire-based law firm Jordans Solicitors (https://www.jordans.legal/), increasing practice efficiency and freeing up more time to spend with clients. Over the past 12 months, the software has been used extensively with the firm’s LEAP case management system, enabling Jordans Solicitors to produce electronic packages of legal documents that meet modern court requirements.

Regulated by the SRA, Jordans Solicitors has been in business for over 25 years and prides itself on being a modern and dynamic law firm providing very high quality advice to businesses and individuals. It was this drive for quality and modern best practices that led Jordans Solicitors to invest in a professional e-tying system, ultimately choosing Zylpha’s pay-as-you-go solution.

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As Barbara Jordan, Director of Jordans Solicitors, puts it, “We chose Zylpha because, on paper, it worked very well with our LEAP case management system and was available on a very flexible pay-as-you-go basis. However, Only when you actually use it will you realize the true benefits of the Zylpha bundle.It is truly a “beyond” compared to some of the other alternatives we have available.

“We really like how fast, simple and easy-to-use Zylpha is. It can be used to create even the most complex, compliant bundles on demand. It saves us a lot of time when creating new bundles or updating existing ones .”

“We’ve been using Zylpha extensively for about 12 months, and it’s now an essential element of our daily work lives. We’ve also recommended its As You Go e-bundling solution to many other legal practices that could benefit from Zylpha Pay.”

Zylpha’s Account Manager, Rachel Kitson, welcomed Barbara’s comments, stating; “In the pursuit of quality and efficiency, Jordans Solicitors are seeing real benefits in fully utilizing Zylpha’s pay-as-you-go bundles, and they are now very skilled e-bundlers. Even better, they have been recommending other legal practices to us. We look forward to working closely with them.”


About Zylpha www.zylpha.com
Based in Southampton, Zylpha is an innovative specialist providing tools to the legal industry including:

  • Secure electronic document production and delivery.
  • Court tied.
  • Integrate with MOJ Portal and Land Registry Business Gateway.
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Identity Verification Agency Links.

Founded by its CEO Tim Long, the company has won wide acclaim in the legal and local government sectors for its systems that have transformed secure communications in court and case management bundles.

For more information, please contact:
Miranda Evans
Zylpha Limited
Tel: 01962 658881
Email: [email protected]


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Mobile: 07758372527
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