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Leading legal software innovator Zylpha (www.zylpha.com) announced the launch of its new “Innovation Awards”. The annual awards program will recognize and recognize legal practices and attorneys who have made the most extensive and creative use of Zylpha’s document bundle software in their practice, often digitally transforming previously manual document management systems.

Zylpha Awards

Zylpha Awards

Commenting on the awards, Miranda Evans, Zylpha’s Marketing Manager, said; “In addition to the clear commercial motivation of automating the bundling process, we have been impressed by the firm determination of legal practices deploying our software, ensuring full compliance with court regulations and thereby significantly improving their speed of file bundling. This is especially evident during the pandemic, when “work from home” directives and guidelines have tested the limits of many operations. Since Zylpha Bundling is easy to introduce, use, and secure; therefore, it is well-suited for practices of all sizes remote work.

“We decided it was time to recognize these significant advances in legal document management with the launch of the annual Zylpha Innovation Awards, honoring the development and achievement of law firms and individuals leading the way in legal document management.”

There are 5 award categories and the finalists for each category are detailed below. Winners, to be announced in January, will each receive an award.

The categories and shortlist are as follows:

Awarded to the company that has built the most bundles in the past 12 months. The finalists are:

Ah Brooks
Air Passenger Lawyers Ltd
Burstalls LLP
dickinson parkhill

Commitment to Technology
Awarded to the company with the most active users – whether working from the office or working remotely. The finalists are:

Chadwick Lawrence
TG Baines

Team of the Year
Awarded to the company that built the largest single bundle (by file size or number of documents/pages) within the past 12 months. The finalists are:

Bluebird Support Services
Luke Owen Sweeney
South London Law Partnership

Outstanding Individual Achievement
Awarded to a single user who has built the most bundles in the last 12 months. The finalists are:

Colette Stubbs – DMH Stallard
Heather White – Merrick Solicitors
Lynn Cooper – Roman Coleman LLP
Katie Philpot – South London Law Partnership

Law Firm of the Year
Recognized as the overall Documentation Bundle Champion across all metrics, including Creativity in Deployment. The finalists are:

Bruce Bennett
Chadwick Lawrence
JWP Law Firm
TG Baines

These are the law firms and attorneys who would benefit the most from Zylpha; automated production of court-compliant legal document packages. Zylpha’s software simplifies the arrangement, formatting and page numbering of legal documents when producing court documents and other document packages. By reducing the tying process from hours to minutes, legal practices save significant time that can then be spent helping their clients. Zylpha also eliminates many costs such as stationery, photocopying, paper file storage and courier charges. There is also an important security bonus to using Zylpha’s highly secure communications. As such, the range is particularly useful for companies that often require their practice staff to work remotely, as has happened during the current pandemic.

There is a new entry-level new online system offering free bundling as the first rung in Zylpha’s wide range of bundling options. Then there are pay-as-you-go systems to full enterprise solutions for more complex bundling needs. Zylpha also connects to most of the leading legal systems such as iManage, Peppermint, Visualfiles and LEAP, with more systems coming in 2022.


About Zylpha www.zylpha.com
Based in Southampton, Zylpha is an innovative specialist providing tools to the legal industry including:

  • Secure electronic document production and delivery.
  • Court tied.
  • Integration with MOJ Portal and Land Registry Business Gateway
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Identity Verification Agency Links.

Founded by its CEO Tim Long, the company has won wide acclaim in the legal and local government sectors for its systems that have transformed secure communications in court and case management bundles.

For more information, please contact:
Miranda Evans
Zylpha Limited
Tel: 01962 658881
Email: m.evans@zylpha.com


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