Tork Motors will soon open a new factory to expand monthly production to 5,000 units

Electric two-wheeler startup Tork Motors will soon move to a new production facility in Chakan, Maharashtra, to cope with rising demand. Tork Motors co-founder and CEO Kapil Shelke revealed in an interview with HT Auto that the company’s new manufacturing facility is nearly 95% ready and will start operating in a few weeks. The new facility will occupy 60,000 square feet and expand the electric motorcycle maker’s production to about 4,000-5,000 units per month.

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November 30, 2022 at 08:36 am

Expansion comes as Tork Motors plans to open new experience centers in 7 cities by March 2023

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For the past eight to nine months, Trafigura’s current factory has been running a pilot assembly line capable of rolling out 500 units a month. As the brand prepares to expand its reach next year, it expects strong demand from new markets across the country. The company produces electric motors and battery packs under one roof. The company also manufactures and supplies electric tricycle motors to several companies in the industry.

“We make our own motors and battery packs,” Kapil said. “So, so we have three lines in there. We have a motor line, which is usually unusual for all other startups. We have a battery line, which is Also unusual for all start-ups. Then we have a motorcycle production line. Normally they [EV start-ups] There is only one production line. “

Tork Motors recently opened its first experience center in Pune and plans to open more experience centers in seven cities including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Thane and Mumbai by March 2023. The manufacturer started deliveries of Kratos electric motorcycles earlier this year and has delivered about 250 units to Pune so far, with a total of more than 500,000 kilometers traveled. The company has also recently started deliveries in Mumbai.

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On the aftermarket and service front, Shelke revealed that more motorized people-carrying vehicles have been added to the company’s fleet. The manufacturer showed off its mobile service van earlier this year, but Shelke said the concept has been expanded further to include service vans, pickups and even motorcycles. These service vehicles are designed to provide door-to-door service to customers.

Pit Crew Mobile Service Cart Has Expanded To Cars, Pickups And Even Motorcycles

Pit Crew Mobile Service Cart Has Expanded To Cars, Pickups And Even Motorcycles

“Because there are fewer intervals and conditions are more reliable [with electric vehicles].So we can gain insight into the customers that other customers are returning to us,” he added.

Tork’s current focus remains on the Kratos and Kratos R electric motorcycles. The company has been working on making the model more reliable, and says it has addressed initial glitches with some devices. The manufacturer is also working on deploying fast chargers for its electric motorcycles. Shelke said the fast chargers are currently in the testing phase, but the plan is to deploy them in and around Pune first. The company has also identified hotspots on the Mumbai-Pune highway to install chargers at a later date.

First published date: Nov 30, 2022 at 08:36 AM CST

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