Zenvo TS supercar exits market with ‘low drag’ 263mph TSR-GT

Zenvo has unveiled the final “low drag” version of its TS model: the TSR-GT. With aero wheels and a slim rear spoiler, the Danish supercar has a top speed of 263 mph.

The luxurious, less track-focused TSR-GT was the final hurray for the TS series after six years in production. Zenvo plans to launch a new hybrid hypercar in the fall of 2023.

Only three TSR-GTs will be produced, and all have already been sold. A price has yet to be announced, but is estimated to be at least £1.5m.

spoiler alert

Zhengwo TSR-GT

The mid-mounted twin-supercharged V8 engine of the TSR-GT is equipped with the new TS Power Pack. This increases output from 1,193hp in the ‘standard’ TSR-S to 1,379hp here.

Driving the rear wheels through an extremely quick sequential gearbox with helical-cut dog gears, it accelerates the Zenvo to 62 mph in less than three seconds.

A new rear spoiler, handcrafted from pre-preg carbon fiber, replaces the TSR-S’ distinctive “central” wings. The latter item can be tilted in corners to increase downforce, or flipped up to be used as an air brake.

The GT’s wings are fixed and designed to reduce drag – helping to achieve an eye-catching 263mph top speed (up from the TSR-S’s 202mph).

Young, Wild and Schmee

Zhengwo TSR-GT

Inside, the GT trades the original race car feel of its sibling for a more comfortable and refined setting. There’s leather instead of Alcantara on the seats, dashboard and steering wheel, and ‘noise-canceling’ mats covering the carbon-fibre floor.

Zenvo chairman Jens Sverdrup, who joins from American supercar brand Czinger in 2021, said: “A new era for Zenvo is calling, but not before we have interpreted the GT variant of the TS platform. We will only be making three models, all distributed to collectors worldwide, like Tim Burton’s [AKA YouTuber Schmee150’s] TSR-S, he delivered in August.

“The final version of the TS Zenvo platform – the TSR-GT – promises a significant change in style, but still maintains the traditional Zenvo aesthetic. It is a fitting addition to the TS platform, which has already spanned four models. Originally established in 2016, it created the race-only TSR, TS1 GT and the famous TSR-S supercar.”

perfect power to weight ratio

Zhengwo TSR-GT

So what’s next?chat with us Robb Report Interview Last year, Zenvo founder Troels Vollertsen confirmed that the upcoming car would be a hybrid, rather than a pure electric.

“It will be an ultralight car for the road or track,” he explained. “It’s a clean design, albeit with recognizable Zenvo DNA. The hybrid technology opens up a lot of possibilities. Battery Additional boost and energy recuperation will be provided, while the electric motor also acts as a starter generator and reverse gear.

“We’re currently running test mules with a hybrid gearbox and working on rear- and four-wheel-drive versions of the platform. I don’t have any numbers, but we’re targeting a power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower per kilogram.”

We’ll be watching the Zenvo story closely in 2023. However, one thing seems certain: the small company from Praesto, near Copenhagen, is certainly not slowing down.

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